I host a radio show called The Left End on WERS, I post about it a lot though so I’m sure you’re aware by now. Usually I switch off doing it every week with my co-host but for the next month or so he is taking a break so the show is all mine. I’m gonna be on air this coming morning at 12am to 3am playing music ranging from Jawbreaker, Yuck, My Bloody Valentine, The Boston Strangler, American Football, Yo La Tengo, William Bonney, Sleater Kinney, etc so you should listen in! There will be some in studio performances coming up and some other really exciting stuff. If you want to hear me blab about music for a while, listen to 889 (if you’re in the boston area) or stream it online at later. Requests are always welcome! 

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  06/24/12 at 01:56pm
  1. theadventuresofkidcatastrophe said: DUDE I FORGOT TO TELL YOU but i stream you in the studio sometimes! time differences FTW
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